NSCA SK Provincial Clinic 2020

Saskatchewan Virtual Event

October 31, 2020

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Hosted by:
Hayley Legg, MS, CSCS

Quit “Screening” and Waiting for Injuries: Integrated Strategies to Identify Deficits and Target Training
by Greg Myer, PhD, CSCS*D

– Synthesize the current literature on common mechanism(s) of injury in sport and sequence the pathways which common risk factors likely compound “high risk” mechanisms.
– Detail neuromuscular “field” screening techniques that can be used to identify “high risk” athletes and demonstrate techniques to target deficits in “high risk” athletes for the prevention of injury.
– Identify the emergent technologies that are viable to integrate into Strength and conditioning practice to apply discovered scientific principles for improving movement performance.

Transitioning to Working in Paralympic Sports
by Kate Perry, MSc

– Review of paralympic athletes /sports [physiology, classifications, wheelchair basketball].
– The learning curve to working with paralympic athletes.
– What are the differences and similariteis with working with paralympic athletes [phyisiology, emotional, mental].

Macronutrient Timing for Optimal Training Adaptations
by Heather Hynes, MSc, RD, CSSD

Attendees will learn the foundational skills of macronutrient dosage, type and timing for optimal training adaptation for high performance athletes. Practical examples will be discussed and participants will have the opportunity to develop training day nutrition plans.

Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Functional Fitness and Strength Training
by Joel Pedersen

Discussion on partnerships to building health and wellness capacity in inner city and Northern remote communities through functional fitness and sport programming. Some of the challenges and the pathway to success will also be discussed.

Collaboration in the Integrated Support Team Model: Integrating Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy in the Management of Elite Athletes
by Rhonda Shishkin

– Participants will be able to identify the members of an IST and their roles.
– Through the use of case studies participants will recognize opportunities for S&C and PT to work interactively by integrating the individual strengths of each professional to improve athlete performance.

Speed Training for Athletes
by Amanda Ruller

– Identify the different phases of sprinting.
– Discuss how to set up a sprint start.
– Discuss how to design and develop a speed training program.