CKA 2020 Kin Can Conference

Nov 28 & 29th – Register HERE

Science and Profession: Challenges in the future
at the first national virtual kinesiology event
Kin Can Conference!

You will have the opportunity to grow and network, from the comfort of your home, with world-class presenters from many areas of specialized education.

The aim of this conference is to broaden the knowledge of Kinesiologists by sharing the scientific insights from the latest research, theoretical and applicative findings and experiences from the vast field of kinesiology, the science of human movement, sport, and exercise. Through this experience, participants will enhance further cooperation between scholars, institutions, and practicing Kinesiologists in various projects in different fields of kinesiology.

Speakers and detailed information about the conference will be announced in September. The conference will be held in English with captions in French.

Participant can earn the most continuing education credits in a single event!